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The Cost of Cigarettes in Mallorca
Cigarettes Euros     Euros     Euros  
Benson & Hedges 48,00€   JPS Red/Silver/White 42,50€   Richmond 42,00€  
Berkeley 47,00€   L & M 42,50€   Royals 41,50€  
Camel 46,00€   Lambert & Butler 46,50€   Silk Cut 48,00€  
Embassy No.1 48,00€   Regal 48,00€   Sovereign 41,00€  
Fortuna 44,00€   Marlboro 48,00€   Superkings 47,00€  
JPS blend/black 42,50€   Mayfair 42,50€   West 40,00€  
Rolling Tobacco                
Drum (10 x 50g) 84,50€   Golden Virginia (10 x 50g) 88,50€   Samson (10 x 50g) 83,00€  
Hamlet (5) 3.95€              

Cigarette prices are per carton of 200 and prices are correct as at 1 August 2014

Whilst there is no limit on the amount of goods you can take into Britain from the EU, prior to 1 October 2011 the Government recommended that the maximum number of cigarettes you could take back to the UK was 3,200 but on that date it was reduced as Britain had to fall in line with the rest of Europe (good old Europe!!!) and the new limits are now: 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos, 200 cigars and 1kg of smoking tobacco.

Strictly speaking, under Europe's own rules, and free movement, you should be able to take back as many cigarettes as you like. But for an explanation of this go to the official Government website at:

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